Non-chocolate Easter gifts.

Some kids simply cannot enjoy chocolate on the Easter holidays due to allergies. Then there's some kids that simply shouldn't have chocolate. It can cause major tantrums and outbursts.

Not all parents want to receive chocolate as gifts for there little ones. Not to mention if the kids don't eat it all then chances are the parents will. We will enjoy it at the time but know we shouldn't.
Chocolate doesn't last, it's a quick fix, why not create memories with your gift instead?

Here are some gifts that you could replace chocolate with this Easter.

Personalised Door Signs.

Kids love to name their things. It gives them a sense of ownership and identity. Something as simple as a sign on a door says this is my room, this is my space, this is my zone.

Having your own space is a crucial part of growing up. Having that somewhere to be alone, with your thoughts,and to feel safe helps them to grow in to healthy individual beings.

These gorgeous door signs can really help to stylise a room and make a great gift for kids this Easter.

 Found here.

Personalised Easter Tote Bag.

Let's face it, parents always end up having to cart around the 'crap' our children want to carry. Why not make it easier for us?

These are great for gift giving and can be used over and over. You can also place other gifts inside this bag and the child can use it wherever they go. 
It gives them some responsibility of their own belongings, and they will proudly take responsibility, carrying it for themselves. Win!

Found here.

DIY Easter bucket


This is a simple way to add a touch of personality to your gift.
In this scenario you purchase a bucket yourself which can be found quite cheaply at this time of year. Especially at your local $2 stores. 
Use a Vinyl decal and place it on yourself. You feel accomplished that you have made it yourself. 
If you're unsure how then here is a handy video explaining application.

Vinyl's found here.

DIY Plate or Cup

Similar to the Easter bucket. 
Find yourself a child friendly plate or cup and add your own touch to it. Easy to follow videos are available and you end up saving money doing it yourself.

Vinyl's found here.

DIY Plush Toy.

Fluffy Bunnies, Sloths, Bears, any plush toy make a gorgeous gift, adding a touch of personality to it, and you've potentially got a lifelong friend for the child.
Easy to do. Find your favourite toy and iron on a name. You could even present it in an Easter Tote and really delight the child.

Iron-on names found here.

Personalised bookmarks for avid readers.


Some older kids really tune in their passion for reading and this should always be encouraged. Buying them a book you think they will enjoy and adding a personalised bookmark to the mix, show's you support them and they'll never lose track of their reading again.

Bookmarks here

Personalised Pencil Case.

Similar to the plush toy situation it's easy to create a personalised pencil case. This gift is great for school aged children or those going to school soon. Add some stationery to it (dependant on age) and you have a great gift that they will love. Added bonus it's allowing them to be more creative, maybe add a colouring book to the mix.

Iron-on names found here.

Personalised Lovey.

Some babies love their Loveys..
My daughter at 6 still has one, unfortunately not the same one she first got as it was taken. 
I wish it had her name on it because another child claimed it, the mother refused to think twice about it.
Purchase a lovey, iron on the child's name and you have a beautiful long lasting gift that the parents and child will love.

Iron-on names found here.

Personalised clothing

T-shirts, leggings, Hoodies, you name it...
Kids love having their name on things. You could also mix it up and add some silhouettes of their favourite characters
Purchase an iron on name and create your own clothing.

Iron-ons here

Keepsake box.

You can get some really cute boxes from local $2 stores. Galaxy prints, flower's, moustache's there's heaps to choose from.
Add a vinyl decal to the box and you have a personalised keepsake box.
You could also pop a couple of small presents in there.
My kids love keepsake boxes, we use them to keep their toys organised. We have ones for Lego, Shopkins, supermarket collectibles and the likes.

I hope these tips were interesting and helpful.
There are so many options when it comes to gifts for kids so this is really the tip of the iceberg.

Name Vinyl's found here.

Yours Sincerely,
Magic Monkey Designs.

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